Palabras en inglés contradictorios.

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El inglés nunca deja de sorprender. Su gramática y vocabulario siempre desvelan estructuras lingüísticas nuevas y curiosidades que pocos idiomas tienen.

Aprender inglés puede ser complicado porque está lleno de palabras con significados contradictorios. Palabras así se llaman contronyms.

Aquí hay una lista de algunos contronyms.


1st meaning: Visible. E.g. the stars are out.

2nd meaning: not working, or invisible. E.g. the lights are out.


1st meaning: completed. E.g. the project is finally finished.

2nd meaning: destroyed. E.g. I’m finished.


1st meaning: to sprinkle a find powder over something.

2nd meaning: to clean an object or surface by wiping away the dust.


1st meaning: common practice or tradition shared by many people.

2nd meaning: a unique item such as a custom-made car.


1st meaning: to seek advice. E.g. consult a doctor for instruction.

2nd meaning: to give advice. E.g. a consultant issues guidance.


1st meaning: to withstand or endure. E.g. weather a storm.

2nd meaning: worn down. E.g. the rock is weathered.


1st meaning: moving quickly.

2nd meaning: firmly fixed or attached to one place. E.g. the roots are fast in the ground.


1st meaning: to be bound for something is to move towards it with determination.

2nd meaning: to be bound by something is to be limited or restricted by something.


1st meaning: to remove branches from a tree.

2nd meaning: to add branches and decorations to a Christmas tree.


1st meaning: to hit or deliver a blow.

2nd meaning: to miss while trying to hit (baseball)


1st meaning: to add seeds to the grass.

2nd meaning: to remove seeds from a fruit, like in seeding a watermelon.


1st meaning: monitor or supervise. E.g. he was overlooking his workers.

2nd meaning: neglect or fail to notice. E.g. she seems to have overlooked one important thing.


1st meaning: Someone or something that is remaining. E.g. Who’s left?

2nd meaning: Someone or something that has departed. E.g. He left.


1st meaning: to suggest something, as in “toss out an idea”.

2nd meaning: to dispose of something.


1st meaning: to formally give permission for something, usually by a government.

2nd meaning: impose a ban on someone after violating the rules.


1st meaning: to remove the stones from a fruit.

2nd meaning: to throw stones at someone or something.

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